The B2B Advisory team draws on the huge experience of the directors of B2B International.


Better than it sounds - website scraping

Here at B2B Advisory we come from a market research background. We love data of any kind - qualitative or quantitative. Da...

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The good consultant’s 10 point checklist

We are constantly being asked if there is a template for analysing the health of a business. In fact we have a number of templates depend...

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How to become rich

It is always interesting to explore how people have made their fortunes. Take the case of the Chinese entrepreneur, Liu Qiangdong, who has built a company called...

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The secret of success

The mailbag has been busy over the summer months. We have responded to your specific questions and please continue sending them in. There was one question whi...

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Marketing skills - nothing could be easier

What would you say are the most important skills managers look for when recruiting senior people into their business? According to a repo...

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A great tutorial on how to build a business

We learn so much when subjects are told as a story. It is a pity, therefore, that there are so few movies around that t...

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Are distributors worth it?

Big companies are hopeless at supplying small customers. Perhaps it's something to do with their mentality. Large companies are process ...

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Branding dilemmas

This week saw the culmination of a branding study for a client. The purpose of the study was to assess the equity in the brands in the company's portfolio. The co...

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Segmentation made easy

A couple of months ago we began working with a client who wanted a new segmentation. To be precise, they wanted to segment their customers rather than the wh...

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Dangers of chasing growth

We were running a workshop the other day on how to grow a business.  We had finished discussing Ansoff and his template for growth when someone asked an ...

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Warm up exercises

Are any of you runners? Do any of you play tennis? In almost every sport it is important to warm up your muscles and get your "eye in" before the game begins. ...

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We have had enough of experts!

It was just over a year ago that Michael Gove, then the justice secretary and now environmental secretary said “People in this country have had eno...

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How to get information for next to nothing

Market intelligence need not be expensive. In fact, it needn't cost anything. Perhaps it is not surprising therefore that this is one of ...

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Share your CX stories

Businesses survive and grow through the patronage of customers. The larger companies become, the more this obvious point can be forgotten. It is so easy for b...

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The power of example

Nick is one of our senior consultants. He was running a workshop on segmentation with a large B2B client. They were a couple of hours into the workshop when it...

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Customer experience – why bother?

The other week we ran a workshop for a client who is hell-bent on improving the company’s Net Promoter score. The workshop wa...

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