The B2B Advisory team draws on the huge experience of the directors of B2B International.


The power of storytelling

Researchers do a great job collecting and analysing data. They relate it to a problem and suggest a course of action. Job done. Well, not quite done. ...

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

We were reminded this week of something that we have talked about in earlier blogs - “culture trumps strategy”. Culture in ...

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Danger: Road ahead, dominant client

A client of ours is a large manufacturer of bitumen for which the greatest use is road building. One evening, over dinner, we were discussing ro...

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The changing role of the sales person

Twenty years ago every company had a salesforce. Selling is still important today but things have changed. The sales person u...

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Six Pillars Of Customer Experience

There was a time when work was work and play was play. Today those worlds are joining up fast. People sit eating bowls of cerea...

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Big and small data – make sure you get both

We come from a market intelligence background. It is not surprising therefore that we love data. Over the last couple...

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New product development: Should customers be consulted?

Back in 1998 Steve Jobs said: "It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times p...

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Dealing with the big dogs

Business to business companies quite rightly embrace segmentation and with it comes a potential problem – what to do with the big dogs, those huge compa...

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Better than it sounds - website scraping

Here at B2B Advisory we come from a market research background. We love data of any kind - qualitative or quantitative. Da...

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The good consultant’s 10 point checklist

We are constantly being asked if there is a template for analysing the health of a business. In fact we have a number of templates depend...

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How to become rich

It is always interesting to explore how people have made their fortunes. Take the case of the Chinese entrepreneur, Liu Qiangdong, who has built a company called...

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The secret of success

The mailbag has been busy over the summer months. We have responded to your specific questions and please continue sending them in. There was one question whi...

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Marketing skills - nothing could be easier

What would you say are the most important skills managers look for when recruiting senior people into their business? According to a repo...

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A great tutorial on how to build a business

We learn so much when subjects are told as a story. It is a pity, therefore, that there are so few movies around that t...

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Are distributors worth it?

Big companies are hopeless at supplying small customers. Perhaps it's something to do with their mentality. Large companies are process ...

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Branding dilemmas

This week saw the culmination of a branding study for a client. The purpose of the study was to assess the equity in the brands in the company's portfolio. The co...

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