The B2B Advisory team draws on the huge experience of the directors of B2B International.


How to move the CX needle

We set up B2B International 20 years ago to specialise in business to business market research.  Our work over the last two decades has covered almost ev...

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How to communicate compelling arguments

We often talk about Amazon in our blog. Everybody knows Amazon. Some people are concerned that it is taking over the world, others delight i...

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GDPR: Dazed, confused and frightened

Well, it is here; GDPR. There can be few pieces of business legislation that have been hyped as much as this. Like us, you will have been inund...

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10 tips to improve your productivity

In a previous blog we talked about the importance of measuring productivity. We said that productivity is a key measure of competitiveness in t...

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Business is a mind game

Step off the train at Stockport and there is usually a rank of taxis. Ask the first one if they take credit cards. “No, cash only”. Then ask the next on...

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Improved productivity – the route to greater profits

Paul Krugman is a professor of economics. He has written 27 books on the subject. He is a Nobel laureate. When he says that "...

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Free Fruit Friday

Keeping employees happy is a good starting point for delivering excellent customer experience. Happy employees work harder and go the extra mile for customers.  ...

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The house of customer experience

More than a half of B2B companies acknowledge that they are failing to provide their customers with great service. We will say that again because i...

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Are CEOs worth it?

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc (the Snapchat image messaging company), earned $638 million in 2017.  The average compensation for CEOs of the S&P 500 is a lo...

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Walking a tightrope with personal data

What are your views on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle? It's a daft question because we can anticipate that almost everyone will say...

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Exhibitions are dead – long live exhibitions

Exhibitions and trade shows have always been great opportunities for business to business marketers to meet potential customers. They...

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Quirky and new

“New” is the most important word in the marketing vocabulary. We are programmed to look at things that are new. They promise improvements over what we are using ...

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You can’t beat a B2B marketer for nous

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble, addressed the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) last week. Si...

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Sex, Trump and the economy

Economic forecasts are rubbish. You would think that if we can fly people to the moon and put a vehicle on Mars we could figure out when the next recessi...

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So much for loyalty

Once upon a time a small company needed a cleaner. By a chance encounter, it found one. The company grew and the cleaner took on more staff. As the company grew...

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Is it statistically significant?

“Is it statistically significant?”.  The words strike us with dread. It is not that we don’t understand statistical significance, it is just...

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Why are manhole covers round?

We know that you hire for attitude and train for skill. But, does this mean that skills aren’t important?  Surely we should try and recruit people ...

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Beware of numbers without context

Let's imagine that you work for a company that has decided its success depends on converting enquiries to orders. From now on those of you who hav...

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Meetings, bloody meetings

It won’t have escaped your notice that last week more than 2,500 of the great and the good in politics and business met in Davos. If you look at the age...

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To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question

Don’t fret; we are not going to rake over the Carillion disaster. We imagine you are fed up of reading or hearing about it....

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Do one thing at a time – If only!

On the train that takes you from Zürich airport into the city you pass a building on which are written 10 things entitled “How To Work Better...

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How you speak can be a great handicap

At the end of last year a reader wrote a letter to the Financial Times as a contribution to the debate on social mobility. It...

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Message to all Porsche customers: Please make sure your crises take place in office hours

Just before Christmas, Porsche in Germany let it be known that emails sent to their employ...

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Change is all around us

Only a few years ago business advisers used to call themselves “change management consultants”. This was to emphasise the fact that most of their work c...

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The power of storytelling

Researchers do a great job collecting and analysing data. They relate it to a problem and suggest a course of action. Job done. Well, not quite done. ...

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

We were reminded this week of something that we have talked about in earlier blogs - “culture trumps strategy”. Culture in ...

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Danger: Road ahead, dominant client

A client of ours is a large manufacturer of bitumen for which the greatest use is road building. One evening, over dinner, we were discussing ro...

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The changing role of the sales person

Twenty years ago every company had a salesforce. Selling is still important today but things have changed. The sales person u...

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Six Pillars Of Customer Experience

There was a time when work was work and play was play. Today those worlds are joining up fast. People sit eating bowls of cerea...

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Big and small data – make sure you get both

We come from a market intelligence background. It is not surprising therefore that we love data. Over the last couple...

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New product development: Should customers be consulted?

Back in 1998 Steve Jobs said: "It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times p...

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Dealing with the big dogs

Business to business companies quite rightly embrace segmentation and with it comes a potential problem – what to do with the big dogs, those huge compa...

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Better than it sounds - website scraping

Here at B2B Advisory we come from a market research background. We love data of any kind - qualitative or quantitative. Da...

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The good consultant’s 10 point checklist

We are constantly being asked if there is a template for analysing the health of a business. In fact we have a number of templates depend...

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How to become rich

It is always interesting to explore how people have made their fortunes. Take the case of the Chinese entrepreneur, Liu Qiangdong, who has built a company called...

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The secret of success

The mailbag has been busy over the summer months. We have responded to your specific questions and please continue sending them in. There was one question whi...

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Marketing skills - nothing could be easier

What would you say are the most important skills managers look for when recruiting senior people into their business? According to a repo...

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A great tutorial on how to build a business

We learn so much when subjects are told as a story. It is a pity, therefore, that there are so few movies around that t...

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Are distributors worth it?

Big companies are hopeless at supplying small customers. Perhaps it's something to do with their mentality. Large companies are process ...

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Branding dilemmas

This week saw the culmination of a branding study for a client. The purpose of the study was to assess the equity in the brands in the company's portfolio. The co...

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Segmentation made easy

A couple of months ago we began working with a client who wanted a new segmentation. To be precise, they wanted to segment their customers rather than the wh...

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Dangers of chasing growth

We were running a workshop the other day on how to grow a business.  We had finished discussing Ansoff and his template for growth when someone asked an ...

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Warm up exercises

Are any of you runners? Do any of you play tennis? In almost every sport it is important to warm up your muscles and get your "eye in" before the game begins. ...

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We have had enough of experts!

It was just over a year ago that Michael Gove, then the justice secretary and now environmental secretary said “People in this country have had eno...

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How to get information for next to nothing

Market intelligence need not be expensive. In fact, it needn't cost anything. Perhaps it is not surprising therefore that this is one of ...

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Share your CX stories

Businesses survive and grow through the patronage of customers. The larger companies become, the more this obvious point can be forgotten. It is so easy for b...

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The power of example

Nick is one of our senior consultants. He was running a workshop on segmentation with a large B2B client. They were a couple of hours into the workshop when it...

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Customer experience – why bother?

The other week we ran a workshop for a client who is hell-bent on improving the company’s Net Promoter score. The workshop wa...

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The best advice you may ever receive

There is a story, possibly apocryphal, about a consultant who was asked by his client for the best advice he could provide. ...

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Consulting skills checklist

If you hire a consultant it will be to solve an important business problem. Finding a good consultant is a big deal.  We are often asked “what makes ...

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Developing a market intelligence culture

Every year we carry out a survey amongst senior marketing people in corporate companies around the world. And every year w...

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Mind the gap

Last year we worked with a client who was faced with two very different sets of data. One dataset showed the satisfaction and predicted loyalty of customers. The other...

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The Importance of Benchmarking

We ran a training course the other week during which someone asked about benchmarking customer excellence. This led to a very interesting discussion ...

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The customer list challenge

When people make it to 100 a local reporter usually turns up and asks the secret of longevity. The answers are always different. Some claim a glass of s...

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Running effective workshops

The workshop is a tried and tested tool at which a small number of participants can interact and develop ideas. Used effectively, 2 or 3 hours in a work...

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