About Us


19 years ago B2B International was founded by Paul Hague and Nick Hague, two experienced business to business market researchers. B2B International has grown into one of the largest specialists carrying out business to business research around the world. The company now has offices in London, Manchester, Düsseldorf, New York and Beijing. It employs 120 people and has carried out over 3000 business to business market research projects.
This experience underpins B2B Advisory. All the projects carried out by B2B International seek improved growth opportunities. On conclusion of those projects continuous support is required to ensure that action takes place. B2B Advisory provides this support.

Our process is simple. It is made up of 3 stages. We challenge, we collect evidence, and we deliver recommendations that empower.

We challenge the status quo by…

…asking questions. We know how important it is to understand the roots of a problem, the size and nature of a market, and the needs of customers. Our starting point with every project is to ask searching questions.

We believe the way forward should be based on strong evidence …

…because we are strongly of the view that important decisions must be based on good and impartial facts. As researchers we are experts in collecting and using evidence. We are not precious where the evidence comes from. It could be available internally, within your company, in published form on the internet, or from market research surveys that you or we have carried out. We will use our skills as market researchers to assemble this evidence, synthesise it and see to what extent it leads us to a conclusion.

We will make recommendations that empower by…

…using the evidence we collect, and working with you to interpret the data and arrive at clear recommendations for action. We will identify what to prioritise so that you can enjoy a higher ROI. We will use the many benchmarks we have from previous projects to set targets for improving your performance – where it matters most in driving higher revenues and profits.