Growth is essential to all businesses

A growing business has motivated staff, attracts high quality candidates, generates funds for investment, and presents a successful image in the marketplace. We are sometimes lucky enough to be in a market where demand outstrips supply. If this is the case, our biggest problem is usually production – keeping up with demand. This seldom lasts long. Sooner or later competition is sucked in or demand levels out. This means that businesses are always seeking opportunities for growth.


Using evidence from internal and external sources, B2B Advisory will work with your team to develop marketing excellence.


B2B Advisory provide in-house and public courses on business-to-business marketing and market research.

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About B2B Advisory

19 years ago B2B International was founded by Paul Hague and Nick Hague, two experienced business to business market researchers. B2B International has grown into one of the largest specialists carrying out business to business research around the world. The company now has offices in London, Manchester, Düsseldorf, New York and Beijing. It employs 120 people and has carried out over 3000 business to business market research projects.

This experience underpins B2B Advisory. All the projects carried out by B2B International seek improved growth opportunities. On conclusion of those projects continuous support is required to ensure that action takes place. B2B Advisory provides this support.



The B2B Advisory team are world experts on business to business marketing. It is all that we do. Every day we are looking at business to business markets. We do so in every industrial sector, across all channels to market, and in every country. It is this specialization that gives us the edge.

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B2B Advisory will solve your business problem through world-class consultancy



``Thanks so much for your excellent and inspiring presentations, teachings and case studies. We hope to have the chance to learn more from B2B in the future``. Shell